11 Go-To Moves for a Killer Partner Workout

Posted on March 21 2023

When it comes to hitting the gym with a partner, the benefits are endless. Not only are you held accountable to physically get out of bed and show up for your partner, you're more motivated throughout the course of your workout as well. Plus, it's more fun to run, jump, lift and sweat with someone by your side. 

Whether your gym partner is your significant other, best-friend or co-worker, this Valentine's Day we're sharing 11 moves that prove teamwork makes the dream work. 


1. Delt Fly with the Original Xertube: Stand across from each other, and loop your Resistance Bands so that they create an X-like shape. Switch off raising one arm while dropping the other, going opposite of your partner.

2. Squat Row with the Original Xertube: Once again stand opposite your partner, loop your bands together and walk back holding the handles in front of you with your arms fully extended until the band is taut. Squat down while bending your elbows and pulling the band back, keeping your hands just to the outside of your ribcage. 

3. Russian Twist with the Xerball Medicine Ball: Sit down next to your partner, cross your ankles and lift your legs a few inches off the ground. Partner one grabs the Xerball on the side opposite their partner, brings it across their body and tosses it to their parter. Partner two then catches, twist to the opposite side, and then tosses it back to partner one to catch. 

 4. Crunch Toss with the Xerball Medicine Ball: Partner one lies down on the ground in a crunch-like position, while partner two stays standing approx. one foot away. Partner two tosses the med ball down to partner one, who lowers their back down onto the ground while holding onto the ball and simultaneously lowering it behind their head. Partner one then raises their torso back up and passes the ball back to partner two. 

5. Plank Taps with the Bi and Tri-Fold Mat: Lay down you and your partner's mats one in a row. Both partners get down in a plank position facing each other. Simultaneously lift opposite hands and tap one another, shifting your weight back and forth. 

6. Tricep Dips with The Step: Raise The Step up approx. two feet off the ground using risers, and each partner places their hands with their fingers facing their back on opposite sides of The Step. With knees bent and feet out approx. two feet in front, bend the elbows and lower the hips down, activating the triceps. 

7. Alternate Arm Waves with the Premium Covered Training Rope: Fold the rope in half, while partner one stands on the rope at one end to stabilize. Partner two then holds both ends of the rope in each hand, and alternates raising one arm and then the other, to create a wave-like motion. Then switch sides. 

8. Leap Squat with the Superband: Partner one steps into the Superband, raising it to their waist while partner two holds onto the back of the band with both bands. Partner one then leaps forward approx. one foot, lands in a squat, and then jumps back with both feet. Partner one and two then switch.

9. Reverse Crunch with the Superband: Partner one lays down on a mat, lifting their feet above them and wrapping one end of the Superband in their arches. Partner one also grabs the ankles of partner two, who is standing just behind their head. Partner two grabs onto the opposite end of the Superband with both hands, while partner one lowers their feet until they're floating just above the ground. 

10. Push Ups with a Plyobox: Each partner stands on opposite sides of a Plyobox, approx. 2-3 feet away. Placing your hands on the edge of the top section, alternate lowering down into a push up position. 

11. Crunch Pass with the Balance Ball: Lay down two mats in a row, and each partner lay down on the floor, feet towards one another. Partner one starts with the Balance Ball in their hands, lowers their torso down onto the mat and then crunches up, passing the ball to partner two. 

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