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Kids Classic Balance Ball® Chair
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  Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for overall health and happiness, especially as a child. Aside from eating healthy and nutritious food, being physically active is a key factor in your little one’s mood, energy levels, sleep, confidence, and overall wellbeing. Physical activities help to promote growth by improving a child's coordination, balance, posture, and flexibility. Shop GetACTV for kid-approved and parent-trusted kids workout & exercise equipment to keep them on their toes.

  Introducing exercise into your child's routine can be a game changer, and our kids collection includes fun kids fitness equipment that can improve your child's physical and mental health. Browse a wide selection of active play products to spark your child’s creativity and imagination, or make it easy to include your kids in your own workouts with quality kids workout equipment such as a yoga or fitness mat.

  Our active play kids exercise equipment is designed to give kids an opportunity to try something new or test their abilities by helping them build agility, balance, and coordination. This helps kids gain the confidence to be active in different surroundings. Our active sitting balls help to improve posture and core strength, as well as increasing circulation and blood flow to the brain. They are designed to help both children and adults with poor posture or backaches build core strength during exercises, and building a strong foundation as a child helps them throughout adulthood.

  Say goodbye to boring colors and shop kids workout and yoga equipment with fun patterns and vibrant designs. Shop kid-approved Gaiam yoga accessories for kids to help them improve balance, strength, and aerobic capacity. With countless mental and physical benefits, yoga is a great physical activity for children to channel their energy and build strength.

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