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 Nothing improves your balance, core strength, and stability better than a balance ball. Also known as a stability ball, yoga ball, or exercise ball, balance balls provide a wide range of movement and strength training options. Crafted with strong PVC material, GetACTV exercise balls are sure to last, whether you are using them for active sitting, balance training, or working out.
 Balance balls are helpful for exercise and improving overall fitness. Whether you want to improve your core strength or flexibility, using an exercise ball is a versatile option for your training. At GetACTV, we make it easy for you to access the best quality balance balls for your workout. Our collection includes best-sellers, such as Gaiam Yoga Balls and more.

Choosing the Right Exercise Ball
 WWith numerous options available in the market, picking the right exercise ball can be overwhelming. Our supportive team of experts can help you choose a balance ball that suits your unique needs, whether you are looking to increase the intensity of your workout or find an active sitting solution. GetACTV offers a wide selection of exercise balance balls from top-rated brands to meet any needs and preferences.

Our Exersice & Yoga Ball collection includes:
Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball: A Total Body Balance Ball is designed to target and challenge several muscle groups during a workout. Its versatility allows for a full-body workout by incorporating exercises that focus on flexibility, coordination, balance, and core strength.
Total Body Balance Ball complete kit includes an air pump, full-length digital workouts, and an anti-burst 65cm Exercise Ball. Our fitness instructors will take you through different steps of yoga, Pilates, and strength moves with this ball to focus on various muscle groups.
Restore Self-Guided Stability Ball: With a Self-Guided Stability Ball from GetACTV, you can make your workout fun and enjoyable. The ball comes with easy-to-follow visuals to enhance your moves.

    Other Balance Balls Include:
  • The Essential Balance Ball & Base Kit
  • Stability Ball, Base & Cord Fitness Kit
  • No Roll Balance Ball

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Whether you’re an office worker trying to improve your posture or a fitness enthusiast seeking a fun way to stay active, exercise and yoga balls are the most effective tool for you. Explore our collection and find a balance ball that suits your needs.