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Whether you want to support your daily yoga and meditation practice, purchase your fitness essentials, recover your muscles after a workout, or find ultimate balance, Gaiam can help you reach your wellness goals.

Gaiam Yoga Products
Life on the mat is not a pursuit of perfection. Embrace your yoga journey with eco-friendly products that keep you safe and grounded.

  • Find your mat: Explore Gaiam yoga mats with different thickness variations, sticky textures, sustainable materials, and inspiring patterns.
  • Stay in place: Stay put during those sweaty flows with Gaiam microfiber towels, which absorb and dry twice as fast as their cotton counterparts.
  • Say yes to props: Yoga blocks, straps, and other props allow you to gain space, deepen your stretches, and maintain alignment.
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Gaiam Fitness Products

Working out at home can be accessible and fun, especially when you have the right goodies!

  • Prep your environment: Aim for comfort and traction with any of Gaiam’s fitness mats—perfect for core work, toning, and stretching.
  • Boost your strength: Grab a set of hand weights, resistance cords, and other accessories to get even stronger!
  • Improve your performance: Get your cardio on with a step deck, speed ropes, and other products.
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Gaiam Recovery Products

Restore and recover your muscles before and after any workout—or listen to your body when it asks for some self-care!

  • Roll and release: Massage tight spots and stiff muscles with Gaiam’s foam rollers.
  • Get back on track: Take care of your back with balls, hooks, and other relief products.
  • Heal your hands and feet: Soothe them with small but mighty massagers, rollers, and moisturizing fabrics.
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Gaiam Active Balance Products

Sitting or standing all day long? Give your body the love it deserves for active sitting and active standing products from Gaiam.

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Gaiam’s collection of yoga, fitness, recovery, and active balance products meet you where you are and when you need it most—while protecting the planet and those who live in it. Browse Gaiam Products and New Arrivals today!